Rachel Wiley-Janota is an award winning visual artist working in drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and ceramics. Living and working from studios on Galveston Island, Texas and outside of Stayton, Oregon, she travels from the Gulf Coast to the Pacific Northwest each year. Her travels through changing landscapes fuel and unify her works in diverse medias.  

Cloud Topography

Houston, Texas

16" x 20" 


Cloud Topography will be part of the Galveston Art Bound 2016 Silent Auction beginning Friday, October 7th at 5 pm. 

"Books are an integral part of my life and process as an artist. I’m an avid reader and I often listen to recorded books while I work in my studio. I also frequently use lines from poetry or novels for the titles of my work. The work I have chosen for Art Bound 2016, Cloud Topography, was a part of a 2015 solo exhibition with Gallery Jatad, instant diaries: polaroids and paintings. "


“I enjoy studying, documenting, and sharing the ideas and forms that I find while traveling, as well as what I've made in response to them. In this way, I find numerous parallels in the processes of both writing and art-making. You can often find stories within my works as well. I love how a book will stick with us long after finishing it, and how it manages to influence how we see the world in some way. I aspire for my work to achieve a similar, nostalgic effect on the viewer."



Rachel Wiley-Janota

opens her next solo exhibition

Born of the Sky

at the René Wiley Gallery

on October 7 from 6-8pm and during ArtWalk on October 8, from 6-10pm.  


Inspired by daily wanderings of Galveston,TX, artist Rachel Wiley-Janota uses her Polaroids and sketchbook diaries as the starting point for a series of Polaroid images printed on aluminum and landscape paintings on book pages. Rachel seamlessly combines a vintage aesthetic with contemporary technology and technique to respond to the world around her. The results are timeless images that hint at sensorial memories of beaches and island life.’ 
- Lisa Qualls, Owner & Curator at Gallery Jatad, Houston, Texas”


Excerpt from Artist Statement:

“For me, painting is like writing poetry. You distill words and marks into their most essential for the best results.”

-- A Family Tradition, Marsha Canright, Coast Monthly Magazine, August 2016


Rachel Wiley-Janota

Aerial Vista Photograph

Down by the waterside, 2013, watercolor, graphite, acrylic, oil and ink on panel, 13 x 13 framed - SOLD

Galveston east beach, polaroid on aluminum plate

Mountain sketch


the sea the living infinite-jules verne-Rachel Wiley Janota 16-x-16-mixed-media-on-

sounds of the night