Mary Farragher

"Not for Navigation: East End of Galveston"
Hand-Painted Lino Cut Print


This pieces is an original Lino cut print using a 1930's map of the East End of Galveston as a reference.  The reference map was produced by the Conoco Phillips company to show where stations would be located. 

The printmaking process began with a series of drawings using the map as a guide, resulting in the final inverted image being transferred to a think linoleum plate that is cared to reeal a street map depicted by the black lines in the work.  Although the plate can be inked and printed multiple times, each print is considered an original work due in part to the painting that is done before and after the plate is placed onto the paper or panel.

About the Artist...

Galveston Artist Mary K. Farragher is a multi-disiplined artist who exhibits two-dimential mixed media works using acrylic, ink, graphite and watercolor.  Mary refers to her works as "detailed abstractions."  Her work is indicative of and inspired by topographical views, microbiology and the psychology of the human condition.  Mary explores conceptes of micro vs. macro, theology vs. science, identity, community, and communication.  

Mary has exhibited in Ohio, Massachusetts, Florida and Italy.  Since 2013 she has focused on exhibiting her work and maintaining affiliation with Galveston galleries.  She has recently completed and is currently working on a second Seawall bench for Project SIT with Artist Boat (the first bench was featured in the August 2016 edition of Coast Magazine). Mary is also an Art Instructor for Galveston Art Center; she teaches weekly classes at The Sunshine Center and RCC.