Map Dress

Maps, crinoline 

This fun paper dress is made of vintage state road maps and science encyclopedias by designer Janese Maricelli-Thomasson. Like each Thomasscelli Design piece it is 100% hand crafted from materials accumulated on a day to day basis.  Janese says, "It is a thrill to have a reason to create art from recycled paper!" says The maps belonged to my Grandfather, and I am so honored to re-purpose them so they can continue to be appreciated. "

Modeled by Jocelyn Hernandez 

Makeup done by Alyssa Castañeda 


Janese Maricelli-Thomasson



About the Artist

Janese Maricelli-Thomasson was born and raised in the south Texas area. She double majored in both art and business at the University of Houston- Clear Lake were she graduated with honors. Since graduation, Janese's travels have taken her all over the world. She has collaborated with artists big and small on every type of project from commercial art to fashion design. 


Janese now owns a Marketing and Design agency in Galveston, TX where she produces monthly magazines, fliers, postcards, brochures and more. Her spare time is spent on various

forms of self expression including music, sculpture,

photography and jewelry.