Edward Drozdik




Ink jet transfer onto salvaged wood (3 pieces) 


These pieces can be described as recycled Pop Art; the artist takes recognizable images from popular culture, alters them digitally and then transfers each image onto a salvaged piece of wood. 


Edward R. Drozdik II was born in the blue collar steel city of Youngstown Ohio. His hands on approach to his artwork is a reflection of the hard-working town where he grew up.  His passion for art started early with the recognition of his family working in different trades with a careful hand. At Youngstown State University he was introduced to computer science in the use of graphic design, animation and fine art. 


After moving to Galveston in 2006 and studying art and architectural restoration, Edward began to apply the idea of reuse to his work. This mixed media formulation was the identity of something familiar to both himself and the viewer.

Edward has shown his work in many spaces in Galveston, concentrating on one medium at a time including photography and painting. Over time he learned to use many styles and techniques, bringing history, art and pop culture together as one.