Derek Anderson

Portraits on Covers (set of 4)

Acrylic and ink on cloth book covers


Available at the ART BOUND Book Art Silent Auction at Galveston Arts Center, 2127 Strand in Galveston.  Bidding will be open October 7th from 5-7pm and October 8 from 11am-8pm


About the Artist...


Born in Wisconsin in 1968, Derek didn't start his art career until he was 23 years old. He found himself in Venice Beach, CA, drawing portraits, and that's when his eyes opened to the possiilities of his talents.  He then moved on tho become an Olvera St. Artist in El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monumemt. Wanting to expand his horizons, he traveled to Hamburg and then to Paris where he spent his time drawing at Montmarte Place du Tertre and furthered his studies in Budapest, then off to Amsterdam on Rembrandt Square. Mr. Anderson founded the Galveston studio in 2009. 


Derek Anderson Studio has the mission of creating and showcasing eclectic and often provocative works for the city and county of Galveston. Through live exhibitions, candid interactions and impomptu social events, Derek Anderson strives to deliver a sense of nostalgia via acrylic and canvas. By providing his audience with original flair and color concepts, Mr. Anderson hopes to inspire all who pass through his doors to create. 


Derek, now in Galveston, can be found spending days raising his daughter and painting. He enjoys the way the island allows him to be free to paint and create art without any constraint as he is not particular to ay one style. On any given day, he might be in his studio creating another piece, drawing portraits, or fulfilling a commission for another mural project. 


2224 Church Street

Galveston, Texas 77550